Cosmas Chingondi

Cosmas was born on the 23rd of December 1984. He belongs to the Soko Mudyanevana (monkey) totem of the Zezuru tribe from Mhondoro in Chegutu district. He grew up in Harare, where he visited Primary as well as Secondary school. In 2000, at the age of sixteen, both of his parents past away and he went to live with his brother Tendai in Budiriro 2 suburbs in Harare.

    “At first my brothers salary was not enough for the two of us, so I was forced into self-jobs. I started making traditional sandals and playing music together with my friend. We were playing traditional mbira and formed a band with the name Shuramuroveand I as the bandleader showcased my talent and ability performing in different places like hotels and clubs. When I was doing my sixth form at Royal College, I could manage to pay my own tuition. During my spare time, especially on exit holidays, I will be making traditional mbiras that I would sale to foreign visitors at large.”


 After finishing his Advanced Level in 2004, he worked as a schoolteacher at Budiriro 3 School up to 2005 before moving to Tengenenge Art Community to learn stone sculpting with the help of his brother Wellington, by that time an established artist.

    “To the greater extend, I was inspired by my nationality. Zimbabwe means “The house of stone”. So, to me, living in the house of stone and working on stone is quite a pleasure.”


Upon his arrival at the gallery all sculptures were inspirational as according to him. He considered the work as hard by creating sculptures of his own making so he worked for a few months helping his brother in finishing thus he gained a lot of skills. Within two months of his arrival at Tengenenge, he created his first piece which was bought by a costumer a few days after completion. Besides stone works at Tengenenge, Cosmas is also a leader in a band of mbira players. The group which perform traditional songs has eight talented artists, all of them sculptors.


Sculptures of Cosmas Chingondi


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