Alexander Makaki

Alexander Makaki was born on the 5th of December 1969 in Guruve, 150km north of Harare. Alexander is from the Kore Kore Tribe and the Nzou samanyanga (elephant) totem. He attended his primary education at Horse shoe Primary and completed his O-Level at Holy Rosary secondary in Mvurwi in 1989. Although he grew up near to the art center he never took interest in learning to sculpt.

After the completion of his O-level he was employed for four years as a Deck hand on a house boat in Kariba and joined the United Touring Company as a driver in the following. As a touring driver he used to drive a lot of people to Tengenenge Art where he met his uncle Gift Chengu working there as an artist. With increasing contact to the Art Community he became more and more interested in sculpting and quit his driving career for art in 1997. Whilst staying at his home area Alexander went to Tengenenge Art every morning until late in the evening and leant how to make sculptures. With the help of his uncle Gift he learnt quickly and made sales thereafter. His remarkable performance attracted and satisfied Tom Bloomfield who quickly gave Alexander an exhibition stand and in 1998 he was given a residential status and he moved to Tengenenge  to be a full time artist.

His uncle and teacher Gift Chengu influenced Alexander in his early pieces. With the time he started developing his own creations, inspired by the environment, the people’s affiliations and abilities, the social and the political issues. Alex specializes on the mother and child pieces, dancers, families or flower basins. Alex performance sky rocketed over the years and made him to be invited to the Netherlands, Germany and Australia to conduct workshops while his pieces are exhibited in many homes, art museums and galleries across the world.

He hopes to continue working in stone sculpturing and leave a great legacy for his generation of artists to come and also continue touring other frontiers of art and conduct workshops in all the corners of the world. He is married and has two children, Alexandra and Tinashe.


Sculptures of Alexander Makaki


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