Amali Malola

Amali was born on the 6th of December 1921 in Mulembe, Malawi. He belongs to the Ayao clan and his totem is Mbeve. He attended primary school up to grade four and went at the age of fifteen to Lilongwe where he worked as an assistant builder. During the 2nd world war Amali joined the Northern Rhodesia army, thus was forced to return home after having been wounded in the battlefield. In 1941, he joined his brothers to go to Southern Rhodesia in search of work. In Salisbury he found employment as a garden worker before he started to work at Jumbo mine where he worked there for two years. In the following he started working as a builder, in a first stage in Shamvu and later in Bindura.

In 1961, he met Kilala Malola in Rusape and married her. Together they lived in Centenary, where Amali worked as a builder and as a farm worker during the summer season. Soon after he was employed as a builder at first, mechanic operator and then foreman at Tengenenge tobacco farm owned by Tom Blomefield. At first it was his wife Kilala who started sculpting but after enquiry of Amali to ensure that sculpting was not contradicting to his Muslim belief he started sculpting in 1969.

His sculptures often represent figures based on funny, mostly true stories. In 2003 he won in a competition in Harare and twice in exhibitions that were held by the Korean Embassy at Tengenenge in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Even at his high age, Amali is still active as an artist. He lives together with his wife and the six remaining children out of twelve as well as his grandchildren.


Sculptures of Amali Malola



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