Angasa Amali

Angasa Amali was born on the 18th of November 1969 at Tengenenge farm compound. She was born as the 11th of Amali Malola and Kilala Malola child out of twelve children. Both of her parents are originally from Malawi and members of the Yao tribe.

The first two years of Primary School, Angasa attended at Horseshoe but was then transferred to Banket primary school where she could stay with her elder sister due to the financial problems of her parents. After primary school she came back to Tengenenge farm where she got involved in ceramics sewing and painting, learning from her mother. .In paintings, they could make and design sofa cushions including wall portraits made from painted cloth or canvas material. Not being interested in farming, she refused employment on the farm and gained her income first through the sale of drawings and painting. With the time her income on cloth paintings diminished and she became encouraged by Tom Blomefield and her mother to start working on stone.

It was in 1987 at the age of 18 that she started sculpting under the supervision of her mother, first creating lizards as she was used to from her paintings. Initially it was hard to make sales and only in 1999 her art started to be successful. Frequently Angasa created women torsos to represent the pivotal role women are playing in art and in the society as such. Furthermore she often carves figures representing mother and child.

“Some of my sculptures come from my dreams and sometimes I create by my mind. My art is totally different to most of artisrs because I produce a lot of pieces and make different types of them such as Lucky Seven Frogs, Lovers, Thinking heads, Bowls, Mother and child and flowers.”

With her works, Angasa has won several prices. In 2004 and 2005 she won in exhibitions sponsored by William Sandason that were held in Harare, 2004 and 2005. She also won outstanding prizes at the AGIO competitions that were held in 2004 , Harare . In 2005 at an exhibition that was held by the Korean embassy at Tengenenge art gallery, she won a cash prize and another one in 2006 when she received the second prize.


Sculptures of Angasa Amali


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