Augustine Mbilinyu

Augustine was born on the 3rd of December 1984 and grew up with his grandparents since his own parents were still very young. In 1992 his grandparents divorced and he had to move to his father in Harare and his second wife. There he completed successfully his educationat Tsinhirano in Tafara. In 1998 his father passed away, making it difficult to afford school fees for further schooling.

Later in 1998 he moved to Guruve, where he completed his secondary education, supporting himself with the work in nearby farms during the holidays and weekends. He passed his O-level in 2002 and desired to go for higher education. Due to the economic changes, employment on farms was not anymore rentable; he found employment at Impinge mine as a lasher and worked there for six months.

In 2004 Augustine visited his Aunt in Tengeneng, where he befriended some of the artists such as Alexander Makaki, Bester Bauren and Issa Simms and assisted them in the work in the mines. The artists encouraged him to try his hand on sculpting The artists Alexander, Bester Bauren and Issa Simms who at times I went with to the mines and helped them to move stones down the mountain. These guys encouraged me to try my on hand on sculpting. He quickly learnt how to use the tools and finished his first sculpture after four days which was immediately sold. This made him extend his stay in Tengenenge, where he learnt the basic technics of sculpting with Alexander Makakis help. In this time, Tengenenge had various order from a Korean lady who asked the artists to make as well the bases for the sculptures. However, many artists where not willing to be committed to this work since it took away much of precious sculpting time. Even though the bases where not paying as much as sculptures Augustine realised that making a number of them could earn him more money. Through the creation of the bases for this order he could raise enough money to pay for his Advance Level. The next year he spent studying and working on the weekends and holidays in Tengenenge. After achieving his A-level he moved to Tengenenge, where he became employed as an administrator in 2006.

In his sculptures, he often represents his adoration of different art forms such as the creation of dancers, man playing violins or just hands holding any musical instrument. Furthermore he tries to capture the things he sees, hears and feels around him in stones. At times he tries to present them clearly or in abstract forms resulting in sculptures ranging from human heads, human figures, animals, birds and plants.

He is married to Portia, a granddaughter of Amali Malola. They have two boys.


Sculptures of Augustine Mbilinyu


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