Boyd Chikwanyanga

Boyd was born on the 13th of July in 1974, belonging to the Zezeru tribe from Chiweshe rural community. At the time of is birth, his mother was employed at Zambezi Valley Hotel in Kariba, while his father was active as a freedom fighter. When Boyd was only 3 months, his father was killed in combat.

“I grew up in hardships. I used to work for myself in order to raise money for school all the way through, up until I finished my junior level. During the day, I will be at school and in the evening I was employed as a carpet cleaner for Dura Carpet Services Company as well as during the weekends when I will be involved in hair-dressing”

Boyd grew up under the guardianship of his uncles however hey could not afford to pay for his levies until he finished the ordinary level. On the other hand, at school Boyd was talented in football and he administered his career to the extent that after school, he played for CAPS United junior team in 1997. In 1999 he came to Tengenenge art community to work first as an aide of his uncle Takawira Chikwanyanga who was doing sculpting at the gallery. A few months later he went to work as a miner in the spring stone mines and there he worked for two years with the late Topias Chipendo. In 2001 he decided to quit the job as a miner and to become a full time artist.

“In 2001 I realized myself being experienced in sculpting, so I started doing my own stuff. But my successfulness was as a result of the hard work that my uncle Taka did”

As according to him, it was good and easy for him to create saleable sculptures and by the time he started stone works, there were a lot of customers who were visiting the gallery for business. He developed his creation into several heads of  identical styles as the original one and he named the sculpture, “people against poverty”. He derived the creation from the way most people are living, the financially viable adversities and anguish they meet in today’s livelihood.

In 2005-2006 he was among the top 10 in AGIO Competitions, whilst in 2007 he won the special price in the Korean Embassy Art Competition.

Boyd is married to Sescas the last daughter of Benson Magunha, being the father of one son.


Sculptures of Boyd Chikwanyanga


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