Conductor Kagore

Conductor is born on the 2nd of November 1957 November in Damba village near Chiwe Mountain. In 1969, at the age of twelve, he went to reside at Mukaera Church. There, Conductor was instructed in basket weaving as well as chair making by his father. In the church community he became introduced to stone sculpting through his work as an assistant of Edward Chiwawa who was doing stone sculpting at the church. The completed works were transported to Tengenenge for selling. Through the work as a helper, Conductor gained a lot of experience such that by 1980, he had created his own sculptures

In 1980, together with Davison Chakawa he went to Tengenenge. During the period of his arrival at the gallery there were a few clients who were visiting the center but he survived with momentary jobs. The director Tom Blomefield encouraged him not to quit the craft thus he kept on employing him on short-term duties.

At first, he worked on leaf heads, followed by the creation of frogs.Later on, he experimented with the expression of the reproduction of thinking men as well as the creation of moon-heads, the later based on the imagination that every living being or creature as being in high spirits when there is the mid-night moon in Africa. At times he creates pregnant woman, he introduced this formation during the time when his wife was pregnant.

In 1996 he was invited to Belgium for a workshop together with the late Bakari Manzi. Together they held an exhibition in Antwerp.

Conductor is married to Febra and he is a father of seven children of whom four are deceased.


Conductor Kagore’s sculptures


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