Cosmas Chifamba

Cosmas Chifamba was born on the 10th of July 1976 in Mudindo, Chifamba village. he belongs to the Shumba Mhazi (lion) totem of the Rozvi tribe. Cosmas attended Chifamba School for his primary education as well as Chifamba Secondary School in 1991. In his childhood, he used to make wire and mud toys. Inspired by his brother Ephraim, in 1990 he started stone sculpting.

 “My first touch on stone was a human head and I did this at the age of fourteen. The head came out of the idea that came into my minds at a tender age when we used to do mud molding whereby we were making mud vehicles, animals and human heads. So my first ever sculpture on a stone in 1990 was bought by John Deere and this sale inspired me to work on more sculptures. I went on to create ladies figures and Anthony Ponder from America bought the sculptures. Those were happy days because I was at school and I became the richest boy as compared to other students. My classmates were surprised when I bought a stereo radio. Above all, I was the first student to be visited by a white man at school”.

 After he finished schooling in 1995, Cosmas stopped sculpting and went to Kadoma to be employed at Kadoma Cotton Company. He worked there for one year before starting employment at the Post and Tele-Communication Company up to 1997. For the next year, he was working as a messenger for Mangwana and Partners in Chinhoyi and by the end of 1998 he was at Tedco Management and Service Company and there he worked up to 2002 as a stock controller.

In 2002, he decided to start sculpting again but only becoming a full time sculptor in 2004 joining a local Sangabayu Art Gallery as a resident artist. Later in mid 2004 he joined Tengenenge sculpting community. In the first months in Tengenenge he used to assist Chris Chironga, Charles Chisute and Chris Kasinahama, thus gaining more experience and skills. After making a lot of sale, Cosmas was given a stand to display his sculptures and became a permanent resident of Tengenenge Art Gallery. The Director of the gallery, Steve Blomefield realized his talent after winning an award at a show.

 “In my creation, I am mostly interested in painful feelings, that is my theme upon my sculptures. A certain client once asked about my theme and I told him that I always look at the horrific feelings in order to reach the answer of the depressing feelings”.

 Cosmas is married to Loveness and father of two children.


Sculptures of Cosmas Chifamba

    Cosmas Chifamba 3  Cosmas Chifamba 4  Cosmas Chifamba 5

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