Dickson Dickson

Dickson is born on 3 July 1977 at Tengenenge Farm, belonging to the Phiri soko (monkey) totem from Mozambique. From 1987 up to 1992 he visited Horseshoe School and St Francis School up to 1996. In 1997 he did a salesmanship corse at Keswick College in Harare but soon after the coarse he could not find employment and decided to start sculpting at Tengenenge in 1997.

Dickson had previous experience in sculpting since he started stone carving in 1988 when he was doing grade three at school. He could pay for his tuition with the money he got from stone sculpting.

At first, he used to make fish, inspired by the experience of his favorite spare time, fishing. In the following he started sculpting elephants after having dreamt of carving elephants for a long period.

    “Since elephants are on high demand, I have abandoned some of the sculptures I used to make way back to have more time for the orders of elephants. Nowadays I am sculpting elephants, magic rings (chains), fisherman and dancing magicians.”


Dickson was influenced by his uncle Simon Kavanze to persist on stone sculptures thus he fashioned another outstanding creation of the canoes. He found it possible to create canoes that his father used in crossing the Zambezi River from Mozambique and they are making good sales.


Sculptures of Dickson Dickson



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