David Mushonga

David Mushonga is born on the 15 November 1953 in Centenary. He is the fifth son of Kaseke Mushonga of the moyondizvo totem of the zezuru tribe that originated from Murewa. He went for primary education up to standard six. Ones he finished schooling in 1968 he found employment at Holland Farm School where he worked as a teacher for eight months. In 1969 he went to Harare, working at a fuel service station. Later in 1984 he came to Tengenenge Farm to work as a farm teacher up to 1993. He started stone sculpting first as part time in 1987 to 1996 when he became a fulltime sculptor at Tengenenge Art Gallery.

He created frogs for the first time, followed by the creation of tortoises and human heads. The sculptures especially heads, were selling well. During his early day in stone works, he faced a number of problems due to those who wanted to copy his creations. But however, he could solve this by changing and developing into other creations. He exhibited his sculptures at the national art gallery in 1998.

David is married to three wives, being the father of seven children.


Sculptures of David Mushonga



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