December Mbonge

December is born on the25th of December 1970 at Nhowe Farm in Mvurwi, belonging to the Nzou Samanyanga totem of the Vemba tribe from Zambia. From 1977 up to 1984 he attended Horseshoe School for his primary education but could not continue his education due to financial problems. At that time, his father was called to start stone works at Tengenenge Art Gallery and in 1988 he together with his brothers followed. In Tengenenge, December received tools as well as wax from Tom and he created his first sculpture called “happy family”.

In 2005 he won an award in an exhibition that was held at Tengenenge Art Gallery. As according to him, he is a man of his background who believes in his ancestral strength. On each and every year at his rural home, he brews a beer as a prayer to the spirits and his God.

December is married to Agnes Chitsaka from Malawi and together they have three children.


Sculptures of December Mbonge



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