Farai Kasvinge

Farai Kasvinge was born in 1983, into the Kore – Kore tribe, under the totem of the duiker in Mudindo. He joined Tengenenge in 1998 and started to specialize on works with spring stone , serpentine and Opal stone. His art often represents abstract female forms for which he uses his technical and artistic skill to highlight the special qualities he recognizes in women, their energy and movement, by working with the contrast of the rough and polished parts of the stone. In his opinion, in order to create a sculpture, there is a need for the artist to negotiate with the stone in order to come out with something reasonable.
Through the time spent working on stone, he could increase his talent and create a unique style to represent female forms.

In August 2004 Farai was chosen as a Vice chair person of workers committee at Tengenenge next to the director of this time, Steve Blomefield, the son of the founder Tom Blomefield. As a first task, he was responsible to put in place a big exhibition that was to take place in Tengenenge.
Later in 2005 he applied for a position in the management team and joined in as pay-master, completing the pay files of artists.

In 2005 he took part in an exhibition by the Korean Ambassy as the master of ceremony. As a master of ceremony , Farai won a merit award worthy 2000 000 Zim $ for his sculpture Dancing wedding couple,a piece of two sculptures joined on one with a flower vast in middle.


Sculptures of Farai Kasvinge


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