Farison Maposa

Farison Maposa is born in 1963 in Mukosa village near Mt Darwin. He belongs to the mbizi tembo (zebra) totem of the Korekore tribe that originated from Mozambique. Since his father escaped from the liberation war in Zimbabwe to seek refugee in Mozambique he grew up with his uncles who could hardly afford school fees, resulting in the fact that he only received school education up to grade 2.

As soon as he was old enough to work he found employment at Nyadere farm in Centenary. In 1982 he moved to Tengenenge, where one of his uncles was working as a field worker and started sculpting at the Tengenenge Art Community. At first Farison produced a human head. After selling his heads, he constantly worked on more sculptures that included eagles and ducks.

He is married to Dadirai Saire and they have two children.

      “My way forward is to educate my kids up to a reasonable level such as form 4 or 6. Therefore I am seeking a help from donors to help me even a house in Harare in such a way that my children can live in whilst attending their school”


Sculptures of Farison Maposa


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