Gift Bangura

Gift Bangura is born on the 2nd of June 1968 of the Korekore tribe and the Eland totem. He started his education at Mukwenya Primary School in Guruve District at the age of seven. He then moved to Matsvitsi Secondary School where he completed his Ordinary Level.
He started stone sculpting when he was at primary school with the influence and help of his grandfather Henry Munyaradzi. Henry taught Gift how to plan and curve the stone. At first, sculpting proved to be difficult for him, but with increasing training he felt more at ease with sculpting and started to create own sculptures. He bought his own tools with the money he got from his first sculpture and continued as a small scale Sculptor.

In 1980 he sold his sculptures to the national Gallery in Harare. In 1987 he moved to Tengenenge Art Community where he has remained as a full- time Sculptor. His sculptures have been exhibited in Holland, Germany, France, South Africa, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Italy and The United States of America.

He has two wives, five children and also supports his mother and three young sisters since his father died in 1978.


Gift Bangura’s sculptures


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