Herbaron Zvabata

Hebron was born on the16th of July 1974 in Guruve District. He is of the Kore Kore Tribe and of the Matemai (Big Fish) totem. He started his Primary education at the age of seven at Mukwenya Primary school in Guruve District and then moved to Matsvitsi Secondary to complete his secondary level. During his school days and after the completion of his school he was doing bamboo baskets weaving.
1991 Herbaron shifted from bamboo baskets weaving to stone carving, inspired by his grandfather Edward Chiwawa a well known stone sculptor of Zimbabwe. Edward invited Herbaron to be his assistant and taught him how to use the tools. After the end of the apprentice on tools handling Edward taught Herbaron on how to plan and starts to make a sculpture. The begining of making a sculpture proved to be a very difficulty part at that time. With the passage of time Herbaron became accustomed in making sculptures. In 1992 Herbaron came to Tengenenge with Reason Chakawa one of Tengenenge Artist and Reason helped him to get an exhibition stand. Herbaron makes ball heads which are half curved and half not and he calls them day and night and also makes lovers and sun heads. He prefers working on serpentine stone.

Herbaron is one of the top selling artists at Tengenenge, and most of his works where exhibited all over the world in countries like: German Spain, Brazil, Holland, America, and Britain to mention a few.

He is married to Shelier Kapisa and they have five children.


Sculptures of Herbaron Zvabata


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