Jealous Chatsama

Jealous was born on the7 July 1967 at Topes Farm in Guruve. His parents originated from Malawi and belong to the soko wafawanaka (monkey) totem of the Chewa tribe. Jealous grew up at the farm and attended Horseshoe School in 1974. Later his family changed residence to McKenzie farm as well as Mangondo farm.

In 1983 he stopped schooling to be employed at Tengenenge farm. During weekend and his spare time, he frequently visited Tengenenge art community where most of his friends were doing stone sculpting thus his heart was easily taken by stone works and by the end of the years he had already joined them in the art craft. At first he made attempts in creating a human head followed by the creations of birds. The birds were selling well but because he had to share his time on the farm as well as on the gallery, it was difficult for him to work on many sculptures.

It was only after 2000 that he became a fulltime sculptor at Tengenenge Art Gallery. He re-introduced the style of human head that he created for the first time when he was learning. He developed and modified the head style that turns out to be his most eye-catching creations even to the present day.

Jealous Chatsama is married to Kamurai Kavhu and they have four children. His wife is a famous sculptress and his daughters are in the process of learning stone works.


Sculptures of Jealous Chatsama


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