Kamurai Kavhu

Kamurai Kavhu was born on the3rd of February in 1971, at Mangondo farm in Mvurwi. She grew up at the farm compound and attended at Horseshoe for her primary education. When doing Grade 5 she suffered from a longer illness and was encouraged by her father, who didn’t believe in the importance of school education for girls, to stop schooling.

As a result, she started employment as a farm worker and got married in 1987 to Jealous, Chatsama, an employee at Mangondo farm. In 1988, Kamurai gave birth to their first daughter Abigail. In order to increase her income, Kamurai started trading and advertising. At that same period, she was taught by a friend how to sew and started stitching clothes for sale. In 1989 together with her family, she went to Bindura where her husband was generally employed in the roses field for the whole of 1989. However she became pregnant and they came back to Tengenenge farm in Guruve.

On 27th of April in 1991, she gave birth to their second daughter Mary. Most of the times she visited different places selling cloths however, one day she visited Tengenenge art center for business. There she was flabbergasted to see a woman working on stones and she was so touched that she pledged that she could not be unsuccessful in doing the same as Alice Musarara. While continuing sewing, she started learning how to sculpt under the guidance of Gift Chengu and Lazarus Gwasha. Due to the problem of tools scarcity she stopped carving and became  full time involved in making cloths for sale. She remained working on cloths up until in 2000 when they came to reside at Tengenenge art village. By that day, her husband had also been engaged in sculpting. In 2003 she was given a stand to display her sculptures and she became a full time sculptress.

Initially she used to create birds and ducks before starting to create ‘ mother child, diving ladies and elephants’.


Sculptures of Kamurai Kavhu


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