Kelvin Fernando

Kelvin Fernando was born on the 8th November 1984. He belongs to the Moscan tribe and his totem is the baboon.

I started carving in 2006. I was inspired by my big brother Wilson Fernando. I used to help my brother when he was sculpting thuse that is how I began to learn how to use the tools. I did not took a lot of time to make my own style because of my brothers ideas.

I have exhibited to so many countries around us including Britain, Americam Holland etc. since I introduced everything in my style I began to improve even though I was young but I could not stop making different creations. I did this to protect my value and also to make my own big name, I wish to be great like Bernard Matemera and Dominic Benhura.

Finally I wish to continue creating different arts and I wish to differentiate from others. Since I am living and surviving in art I shall try to work hard and to have my own style.

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