Maudy Muhoni

Maudy is born on the 16th of October in 1964 at Siyalima farm . She grew up at the farm compound and later attended her primary education at Muzika school in 1972. At that time she was residing with her uncles in Muzika village.

Because of the liberation struggle in the late 1970s, she was forced to renounce schooling at grade five. It was unsafe for one to be present at school during the war era for the reason that comrades were used to invading schools for recruits.  On the other hand, her father had little interest in sending girl children to school. In 1979, she went to Marondera to live with her brother Wikleaf, before being employed as a house maid at Mudefe tobacco farm where she worked for two years.

Equally in 1979 she married Laurence Makande of whom she received a son. Since he refused to pay the bride price, the relationship broke apart. Thus in 1981, she came back to reside with her parents at Muzika village home where she got employed at Kamusasa farm and later at Tengenenge farm, where she met the sculptor Anthony Makurirofa in 1996. After getting married to Anthony, Maudy went to reside with him at Tengenenge art community. Thus she started stone sculpting under instructions from her husband.

On her first attempt on stone, she created a bird in 1996 and that was followed by a head which she gave the title ‘spirit head’ which was soon bought by a client. This success encouraged her to continue sculpting. In 2003 she was invited by the African Museum in the Netherlands and spent three months in the Netherlands doing workshops. In 2004 she returned again to Netherlands for more workshops. Whilst abroad, she worked at the zoo in Amsterdam.


Maudy Muhoni’s sculptures


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