Michael Kasvinge

Michael was born in 1984, in Mdindindo, in rural Guruve. He is of the Zezeru tribe and the Duicker (Muara) totem.

Michael attended education up to ordinary level. After failure to obtain money to go to High School he decided to join his elder brother Farai Kasvinge who was at Tengenenge Art Community. Already before joining Tengenenge, Michael had discovered his talent in art through making pottery. When he joined Tengenenge Art Community in 2003 he first started working as an artist helper. He worked with his brother for the whole year whilst learning how to finish stone sculptures. Influenced by his brother’s style at first, he started creating his own unique modern ladies until he became an established fulltime artist in 2004.

His sculptures so far represent human figures, animals, plants, birds and is still trying new forms and styles. “I am still going on creating new things. Discovery is my hobby, especially in the field of art.”


Sculptures of Michael Kasvinge


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