Moveti Manzi

Moveti Manzi was born on the first of January 1960 in Centenary. He attended Horseshoe primary school in Mvurwi but was never interested in academics as compared to creative crafts. He used to draw portraits of animals and birds and do clay molding and making wire motors with friends. Already during his school time, he started sculpting animals out of stone.

When he finished school, he first went to be employed at John Neckliton farm as a tobacco field worker before working two years at the Mpinge mine. After an accident he joined his parents at Tengenenge and accepted employment as a general worker on a nearby farm. Since he earned too little in his job to support his family, he started sculpting in 1976 from which he could soon earn a decent living. In order to supplement the income from sculpting, he started to work on the serpentine stone mine belonging to Tengenenge. He got a license in mining and he became the mine manager.

Regarding stone sculpting, he initially created a point head followed by the creation of moon head. In 1999, he went for eight month to work at Zvirimudombo art gallery after painful moments due to the death of his sister Chaparinda. Upon his return to the gallery, he started creating pangolins followed by the creation of birds. During the late 1990s, he used to exhibit his works at Chapungu art gallery, together with the late Bernard Matemera.

He is married to Asyitu Tembo and together they have four children. He is as well father of four children from a previous relationship.


Moveti Manzi’s sculptures


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