Phineas Leon

Phineas Leon was born on the 12th of August in Banket. He belongs to the Tembo Mazvimbakupa (zebra) totem.

Already as a child he was interested in making wire vehicles and mud sculptures. When his family joined the Mukaera church, he started his primary education at Mukwenya Primary School as well as Matsvitsi Secondary School in Guruve. During the weekends and exit holidays he used to visit family members who were doing stone sculpting at Tengenenge Art Community. After he finished his secondary education, he got involved in soap making together with his uncle Staycott Zvabata.

Phineas father was a stone sculptor at Mukaera, and introduced him to stone sculpting. During his school day he could help his father in finishing his sculptures and he gained a lot of experience in stone works. In 1996 he created ever-kissing lovers, followed by the representation of exercising babies in 1998.

On November 15 2003, Phineas married Rumbidzai.


Sculptures of Phineas Leon


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