Robert Murengwa

Robert Murengwa was born on the 25 December 1973 nearby Guruve. His totem is the tembo mazvimbakupa and he belongs to the korekore tribe. Robert attended Primary school at Mavare as well as Chakaodza Primary School in Guruve followed by the St Phillips School for his secondary education.

After school in 1993 he went to Harare to work as a passenger’s bus conductor with Zupco Company. In 1994 he was endorsed to the position of a bus ticket inspector with the same company and in 1995-he turn out to be the traffic superintended. In June 1996 he was cut back from the company thus he took his way back to his rural home. Before the end of the year he worked as an assistant electrician at Guruve Hospital and with the same occupation, he was transferred to Harare in 1997. In 2000 he came to Tengenenge to work as an aide for Bernard Matemera. He started stone sculpting whilst he was at school however, by the time he joined Tengenenge art gallery he was already skilled in stone curving.

Whilst at school, he initially created a baboon. As according to him, he was very much interested in hunting, he realized the call for him to create a baboon, which he saw in the bushes whilst carrying out his hunting. He went on to create human figures, which he titled stepping forward. The interpretation behind this creation was that he never to turn and look back on other jobs but to take stone sculpting as his fulltime or lifetime activity. Sometimes he works on elephants, monkeys, goats and woman figures of different styles. He exhibited his sculptures at Ramambo Art Gallery as well as the National Art Gallery in Harare. In 2005 he became employed as a security guard at Tengenenge Gallery and before the end of the year 2006, he promoted to the ranks of sales- man. Since 2011, he is part of the management team of Tengenenge.

Robert his married and father of one daughter.


Sculptures of Robert Murengwa


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