Sample Seda Kafara

Sample is born on the 5th of February 1968 in Guruve. He is of the murunga totem from the Chikunda tribe that originated from Mozambique. His father came to Tengenenge Art Gallery in 1984 to work as a sculptor.

He attended Horseshoe School for his primary but could not continue schooling due to financial problems. After his primary education, Sample started stone sculpting in 1986. His father was there to train him how to curve a stone into commendable shapes. At first he created birds with the title discussing birds, then he went on to create crying family.

He exhibited his sculptures at the National Gallery Zimbabwe, German Society, Amsterdam, Australia, Czechoslovakia, China, America and Korea. He won a cash prize in an exhibition held by the German Society in 1988.

Sample is married to Rosemary Manzi, the daughter of the most popular sculptor Josia Manzi of Tengenenge Art Community. Together they have five children.


Sample Seda Kafara Sculptures


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