Sanwell Chirume

Sanwell Chirume was born on the 6th of August 1941. He belongs to the Rozvi tribe of the Shumba muvhimi totem. Due to the financial difficulties of his parents, he grew up with his grandmother. At the age of seven, he began his primary education but only completed up to grade 3. At age 24, he went to Kenny farm in Rafingora where he was employed on the tobacco fields. In 1982, he found employment at the ministry of transport for the construction of road from Mvurwi to Guruve. In that time he met Tom Bloemfield and was increasingly interested to join Tengenenge, where his uncle Bernanrd Matemera was working.

At Tengenenge art community he at first worked as a miner while learning how to sculpt in his spare time, getting trained by Bernard Matemera.

At first, he created birds, followed by the representation of a baboon, which appeared in his dream. The baboon even won an award at an exhibition that took place at the National Art Gallery in 1989, Harare.

Sanwell is married to Anna and they have seven children.


Sanwell Chirume’s sculptures


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