Taurai Rukodzi

Taurai was born on the 22nd of October 1975 in the town of Karoi in Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe. Taurai first did his Primary education in Chitungwiza at Seke primary School but moved later to Mashonaland central Province where he completed his Primary education. He managed to continue schooling up to finishing his O-Level at a Private college in Harare in 1992.

At a tender age of 11 he began to take interest in stone sculpturing, influenced by his father Edronce Rukodzi, himself an artist. Taurai first two pieces where lovers that where immediately bought by Mike Tyson’s mother the world heavy weight boxer. Sicily Tyson financed Taurai to go to Harare where his art became inspired by the urban lifestyle and impacted by the things such as radio and television channels.

Taurai sculpt mainly human lover’s figures, birds and abstracts and he prefers working on serpentine and opal stones. Taurai admires anything that is worth admired in the environment around him and he puts them in his sculptures.


Sculptures of Taurai Rukodzi


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