Trymore Fernando

Trymore Fernando is born on the 1st of December 1981 in Tengenenge Farm. His family belongs to the marunga (pigeon) totem from the Chikunda tribe of Mozambique. At the time of his birth, his father was employed at the farm as well as doing stone sculptures at Tengenenge Art Gallery. In 1988 he went to Horseshoe Primary School and Mvurwi School for his secondary education up to 1999. At school, Trymore was caught up in Technical Graphic as well as fashion and fabrics.

After school he started stone sculpting at Tengenenge Art Gallery. He created an elephant for the first time, deriving the creation from his father’s work. Trymore went on to create Resting birds, which was followed by Queens and Moon ladies. His father gave him the idea to work on the Queens and he created them just like modeling ladies. The moon lady as according to Trymore himself, is a moon changing into a lady or vise-verso. Trymore is very active in piece-jobs, such as repairing old sculptures and helping clients in packing sculptures.

He is married to Lisa Chitaro and they have one son.


Sculptures of Trymore Fernando


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